How to study for a vocabulary quiz:

Dubious: At first, the suggestion that Adam was the stalker seemed dubious.
Abort: The boys refused to abort saving their friends from the fire.
Resolute: Sadly, their resolute fathers fought to have the school shut down.
Blight: Julian left every time he faced the heart-wrenching blight of Logan falling in love with someone else.
Resilient: The boys were resilient after Harvey's death and honored him for his brave sacrifice.
Amicable: The Tweedles have very amicable personalities, which explains why they make the needs of their friends their first priortities.
Abnegation: Julian was fraught with abnegation for he believed that he was to blame for the horrifying events that occured on Parent's Night.
Archaic: To people living in the 21st century and beyond, the exterior of the TARDIS would be considered rather archaic.